Easter Cupcakes Mashup


If you are looking for some inspiration for your own Easter themed cupcakes, then look no further.

From Carrots to Bunnies, a meadowEaster Bonnets and Easter baskets there is something here for everyone.

Easter cupcake decorations are easy to find and really only limited by your imagination.













April Fools Day – Cupcake style

I have also found on “All Things Cupcake” a recipe for Cheddar, Chive and Bacon Fakecakes. They really don’t look to bad at all but I wonder how my brain will go with expecting a cupcake to taste sweet and it ends up savoury.


I really think this is good fun and hope to make something like them for next years April Fools Day.

Pirate Cupcakes

This is a little post to show you the different ideas floating about on how to make Pirate cupcakes.

You can use a cupcake wrappers and topper kits such as in this video.


Or you can get creative and make little Pirate faces such as these cuties from www.esjoie.net


Or you might like to try a treasure chest on a cupcake.

Whichever way you go Pirate Cupcakes are very cool right now,

Happy Baking.

Butch Bakery

Have you ever heard of a butch cupcake? I hadn’t until just now. It’s a little hard to picture isn’t it? Well there is actually a company called Butch Bakery in New York and they sell cupcakes for men.  Their cupcakes have some very butch names like, Jackhammer, Camp-out and Rum and Coke. You can check out these cupcakes for men here and even order some if you’re in New York.